Runner bean flowers

Recently when watering the runner beans that I had planted in a large tub I noticed a major achievement (for me at least) with the first signs of flowers. As I’ve never grown runner beans before this was a big deal and I’ll be checking them regularly to watch the progress.

Although this is probably nothing special to those who grow runner beans regularly, I find the appearance of the flowers to be strangely (and disproportionately) gratifying. Unfortunately I think that this probably shows the level of belief I had at the beginning that these would produce anything worth mentioning!

As a record of this momentous event I took a photo using my phone:

Flowers on the runner beans

First flowers on my runner beans

At the same time, as the first photo looked pretty good and there was some detail to catch I thought I’d try the “close up” mode that I’d noticed but hardly ever used.  I was suitably impressed with the results of that too:

Close up photo of runner bean flower

Close up

I’m now keeping my fingers crossed for even more flowers and eventually an impressive harvest to top off a successful first attempt at growing runner beans.

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