Smallholder associations and groups

This page lists the smallholding groups, associations and societies that I was able to find online. There are a surprising number of smallholder clubs around so it’s very likely that there will be one somewhere near you!

Last updated: 2 May 2019

Following a suggestion in the comments I’ve also included a link to the Accidental Smallholder. Although not strictly speaking a smallholder society or group, there is lots of useful smallholding information and the forum is particularly informative.

Please let me know via the comment facility at the bottom of the page if you spot any mistakes with the smallholder group information or if there are other smallholding groups or societies that should be included.


  1. Great resource. However, you’re missing the Central Scotland Smallholder Association. There’s a link on the DASH Smallholders Associations page. And I’d list the online Smallholders Forum at The Accidental Smallholder, too.

  2. Thanks for the tip and I did have Central Scotland Smallholder Association included in the past but the web address doesn’t point to a valid website (just a holding page) so I have excluded them for now.

    Eventually I may expand the list here to include other groups that don’t have a web presence but for now I’m only including those with working websites

  3. Hi there. Could you please add North Shropshire and Borders Smallholder Group. We are a friendly group with varied interests: from window boxes to acres and everything inbetween. Regular meetings held monthly on a Wednesday evening at Llanyblodwel & Porthywaen Memorial Institute. The group always welcomes new members. Enjoy an informative talk and afterwards chat and exchange ideas with other like minded people over tea,coffee and cake.

  4. Hello, Richard

    We are an eclectic & friendly mix of smallholders, gardeners, growers – pro-am – with an interest in supporting organics & traditional rural skills. Meeting once-a-month, around Mayo in the West of Ireland, but also running workshops, & working sessions, our website is:, Facebook page as well, & open to all ages. Please add us to your listing – many of members are either ex-UK citizens, or have lived abroad.

  5. hi could you please add Cambridgeshire self sufficiency group to your list. As a group we try to encourage people to get involved in living in a more sustainable way ,and pride our selves on being a member led group sharing knowledge ideas. we have a monthly news letter and meetings provide free workshops unless we need to bring in some one from outside the group to lead it then there is a small charge. we welcome all members from a window box to a small farm or allotment. one of our main events is the popular Cambridgeshire potato day
    kind regards Mick Matthews Chairman

  6. I have got 2 acres of pasture land and I am getting trouble with the Leicestershire Council is there a organisation to help us in these matters because the Internet says I can put livestock on it I have got me holders number but the cancels dead against me doing farming on it is there a hotline number I can call call to discuss that issues because the council are pretty well negative attitude

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