It’s nice to be back in print again

Okay, so it may not be a major new bestselling novel but it’s always nice to see the results of my efforts in print again. In this months Home Farmer there is a smallholder directory feature based on the smallholder group listings that I maintain on this website.

Extract from Home Farmer, April 2016

Extract from Home Farmer, April 2016

Any non-subscribers to Home Farmer can read the relevant pages by downloading from the North Pennines Smallholders website and you could always subscribe to the magazine anyway because it’s only £40 per year!

It somehow means much more to me that this is something tangible and that might explain why I’ve never really got into the whole e-Reader/Kindle thing.

On a purely technical level I can see the many advantages of electronic publishing and I’ve tried reading a few classic books on a “generic fruit-based device” but in the end the physical book wins for me every time.

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