The right stuff

It turns out that rhubarb is actually pretty strong stuff.

Recently while my back was turned on a business trip all the leaves from one of our plants – the Champagne variety – were stripped and the stalks were eaten. I’m not naming names but as I was away on business at the time I like to think that I’m in the clear.

On my return I was concerned that this excessive stripping of the rhubarb would have killed off the plant. After all, how can a plant photosynthesise if there aren’t any leaves? Or so I thought at the time…

It turns out that I was wrong and rhubarb is a bit of a fighter – who would have thought it?

I gave the pot a top up of compost, a good watering and added a netting cover to keep the chickens from getting at it while I was doing all that.

Now there are signs of new shoots breaking through and I feel like I may have overreacted when I first spotted the apparently empty pot. It’s almost like spring all over again …

Champagne rhubarb recovering

Champagne rhubarb recovering

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