Updated chicken pictures

As a handy reference for the future, I have taken another set of pictures of the 3 chickens for comparison purposes. This is so that I can check their development over time and their progress towards eventually laying the first egg!

It would be nice to see some return on our investment of time and money but we keep on reminding ourselves that we aren’t doing this for the money.

Below are the pictures from last weekend and to my untrained eye there doesn’t seem to be much change from the original pictures I took when we first got the chickens.








One Comment

  1. It’s hard to tell how they are progressing as the first photos aren’t too close up. It’s tricky to take good photos of new chickens, I know. In the newer photos Amy’s comb isn’t too flat and it seems to be reddening up, so you might have an egg from her in a week or two. How old are they meant to be? They generally start laying around 20 weeks.

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